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Ballet and Repertoire

By Corinna Chute.

Ballet and Repertoire Read on….

Despite the nerves Amelie and Sophie start to find their legs and confidence with their lovely young teacher Saily Lamadrid.

With bolstered confidence from their first class, the girls enjoy a repetoire lesson learning the Princesses’ solos from Act 1 Swan Lake, where they are coached by Lourdes Alvarez Triguero on the artistic elements for which the Cuban style is so famous.

Enjoying a cool refreshment from the local Ice Cream Parlour, they deserved it!

On our trip back to the hotel, the girls fall asleep in the taxi, and wake up refreshed to face an evening of dance and festivities with the Hotel’s Dance Troupe performing on the open air stage.

A beautiful sunset to end a productive day.

See you on the next blog for Pas de Deux at ProDanza!