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6 – The Company Rehearse

By Corinna Chute.

The Company Rehearse – Read on….

With the opportunity to watch the company rehearsing its programme

Broken floors, crumbling ceilings, no running water, and relentless heat are the everyday realities of these passionately committed and inspiringly daring youngsters.

It takes only a few minutes to see how much dedication is required to preserve what is left of the Prodanza Centre – decimated by the category 5 hurricane Ian of 2022 with windspeeds of up to 260km/h.

From 10am-4pm the dancers move from one openair stage to another in an endless run of classes and rehearsals never losing the chance to stretch and strengthen between calls.

And then you start to focus on the beauty of the dancers contrasting their grace against their surroundings. A great lesson to those who believe talent needs luxury to blossom. Here you see elegance, artistry, and humanity in every gesture…

Black Swan – Odette

Black Swan Siegfried 

Training for Carmen requires stylistic skills which are reinforced in Spanish Dance coaching sessions on the secondary podium.

Spanish Rehearsal


An throughout it all we hear laughter and joy as the dancers use their break time to compete for multiple pirouettes and leap superiority.

This routine repeats itself under the awe-inspiring and powerful presence of their beloved Maestra Laura Alonso. Huge challenges are met each day to ensure that every bead of sweat by the dancers is matched by the momentous effort and love shown by the Prodanza Management Team. Our young British dancers are learning important lessons that will stay with them for a long time.

See you on the next blog as we meet some of the friends and share some fun times!